Why did I go to see this one again? Zohan is an Israeli secret agent who does unbelievable things. Yup this is another of Sandler’s thick comedies where he teaches lessons to the whole wide world. Anyway. This secret agent as secret aspirations- to become a hairdresser and to leave the army as long as Israelis and Palestinians don’t try really to reach a peace agreement. Hello New York and welcome to reality…eeerrr….Hollywood’s one I mean. Zohan will reach his dreams, make peace with his worst enemy and create in New York his own peaceful world. Medias ( I know I have them in the nose lately) marvelled that Israel and Palestine didn’t react more strongly to this but truth be told, Sandler doesn’t do much damage to either parties. My guess is that the Americans come worst in this film and their diplomats were fully aware of it. Now leaving the political scene I must admit that Sandlers is the type of guy that sends messages through his messages. In this one, gays, older women, dogs and idiots all have the right to be loved and he demonstrates it with a total lack of gusto. Anyway, well done Mr Sandler, let’s move on to the next one. I wonder who read the scenarios and decide that they can go through with them. At least it wasn’t as bad as any of the last Eddie Murphy’s films. DO NOT GO TO SEE EDDIE MURPHY’S MOVIES. Please. Please. Please. I will allow Sandler’s in exchange.

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