….is down the drain. Ok I said it all. but what makes me mad about it?

– I don’t expect the majority of people reading the news to take the necessary time to question what they read. This frightens me. example: Gordon brown has spent his summer holidays in a village called Southwold on the Suffolk coast. I visited it a few months ago and it is a very nice little place with a lot of tourists. I personnally prefer Aldeburgh- but let’s be honest, Aldeburgh is more well know for its culture and Arts. I don’t expect Gordon to fit in such a place. Now, this said, he has been seen as a model of virtue for not going to Tuscany or France like Blair used to and keeping such a low profile. In my view he tried to set an example but it was a little too late. But here you go; Yahoo news then publishes some statistics for this year, saying that dear old Gordon has set a magnificent example by encouraging his people to do the same and re discover the charms of England ‘s beaches. But has he? Truth is yes- but not the way he expected it. Given the choice, most Britons would prefer California or Florida’s beaches to England’s- but they don’t have the means to anymore thanks to Gordie here and his great financial decisions during this last decade. Are they really thanking him for having their opportunities reduced? I doubt it strangely. And to be frank, had Gordon gone to Fidji or Bali or Santa Monica, do you think the news would have praised him for his decision?. Now to finish the Yahoo news, it was added that this year alone tourism has gone down 14% in the Uk alone. American tourists cannot afford coming to Europe or the Uk anymore as the dollar has gotten particularly weak ( and let’s face it, Americans are in serious trouble right now economically; their housing market has been plunging for longer than ours). So Gordon might be more cunning than you expect; by encouraging – or should I say forcing- Britons to wanders on the roads of England he simply replaces American tourists by Uk ones. Genius. I am quite sure that he didn’t do it on purpose.

This one tiny example of what one article can do. You read it in a minute and then you forget about it. But the facts are quite different from what they are made out to be. How many articles do we read in a day? And how many do we question? Bottom question- which side are the medias on? Because at the end of the day that’s what it is all about.

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