Ok,this is a boy thing. While waiting for the movie to start I saw two middle aged women come into the movie theatre and sit down two rows away from us. I said to my husband – who had been dying to see Hellboy for months and had asked me to join him which I did for the love of him-: ” I bet you that these two are in to watch ” Mamma mia!”. Mamma mia! was being played on the next screen. I was called sexist and warned that I was prejudiced. I didn’t think so. I just believe that no woman in her right mind would go and see it if she over 33. Sure enough when the title was displayed the two ladies go out as fast as they could…

Ok I am over 33 and I stayed. FOR THE LOVE OF A MAN. I have to make this clear. And it wasn’t too bad if you’re a comic fan ( which I’ve stopped being about 20 years ago). But after seing Hulk, Iron man, Batman and a few other in the course of the last 6 months I guess my interest has vaguely faded. Hellboy was what you expect: rough but tender, funny and sweet, stubborn but not immune to learn lessons. I could see the guys in the room rejoiced when he whimpered :” I am ready to dye for her but she asks me to do the dishes!”. My husband pointed it out as soon as we were in the street. He is a highly intelligent man but that what comics do to you : they paint everything in black and white and make you belive that that’s how the world should be. I answered that I was ready to die for him too. Did it mean that nobody should do the dishes and let it pile up until one of us die? Another thing- you die once, but the dishes has to be done everyday. How do you deal with this? What if my husband doesn’t die for me and I let him get away with no dishes done? What if I die for him and he has never done the dishes?. By then I think he had gotten my point. Just don’t rub me the wrong way- or the next step will be to forbid you to go and see comics movies.

So all in all it was another modern fairy tale, with a philosophical ending. Everybody’s agree to it although I trust most of us are not really concerned. MS Blair was at best sulking. Ron Perlman did his best to show emotions. Thank goodness there was some humour in it.

My verdict: good for the male side of the family- but be ready to defy their own prejudice. Maybe go with them – just to be on the safe side and know what the enemy is doing…..Lo

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