I do not like Farell one bit and his puppy expressions are leaving me cold. But the story of this movie seemed interesting and I was ready to give it a go. So you have two killers sent to Bruges after a job went tragically wrong. ( How can a killer’s work go tragically wrong? Go and see it). Gleeson plays the guys who knows right from wrong and has some life experience behind him. Farell plays Father McGuire ( Watch “Father Ted” if you don’t know what I am talking about). They wait all day in Bruges for a call that should give them another go. Both have very different expectations from this journey- and from each other. And Bruges is not all that it seems.

With an unexpected tenderness this film takes you behind curtains. It wasn’t without reminding me of “Gun shy” with Sandra Bullock and Liam Neeson, although the latest was much more Hollywood like. You end up liking the main protagonists although my opinion of Farell remains low. It is a great movie.

Not for kids under 15 I’d say – it’s an 18 on the box. Gleeson is superb. Ralph Fiennes plays the psychopaths better and better each day. I guess that Farell is himself?

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