So this is the very controversial Ben Stiller new movie – and first, if I’m not mistaken, as a director. Controversial- no wonder. And if it doesn’t go down with Hollywood and American people, I can only say that I’m not surprised- although I’m so glad that a bunch of actors have taken the risk to show that they know how bad some of their maneurisms and politics are.

The story is simple; you take a bunch of high profile actors, you sent them to Vietnam to shoot a historic and expensive war movie and when things go pear shape, you send them in the middle of nowhere and try to get the best out of them. Does it work? Hell yeah.

It’s gory, it’s violent , Hollywood actors and all the different methods they might use are put on top of the cake and to end it beautifully you know that the guys who had the guts to do this movie know that we know- America may not be so great after all.

It is a great movie. Not politically correct whatsoever- which is so refreshing. The actors- all of them- are such a caricature that you can only smile. The topic is the most controversial anyway in the States ( although I suspect that economy will be next pretty soon).

Support Ben Stiller and his cast of actors. They took a great risk in this business- to show the naked emperor. The cameo appearances are stunning.

Not for kids under 15. Not for people who want lovely fairy tales.

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