I don’t know if any of you have noticed but it seems that not another day can go by without some hint that it is time for us to try and save the world. You are told to recycle, to send money to charities and to stop wasting energy. It all seems well and good- until you get into details. Recycling is accepted as long as it is clean. It means that you have to wash all the plastic and glass you are throwing away. Great, I am now wasting water. I try to save water you know. I have a 200 ltr water-butt filled up with rain from my drainpipes. I used it for the garden- I grow my own vegetables, fruits and flowers, all organic of course. I clean my bathrooms once every week and do a quick swipe in between. I make sure that my dishwasher is loaded before starting it and I turn it on only while I am still awake so I don’t let it on all night. I also try to save electricity. I turn off the lights when I am out of the room. I try all I can to save energy.I don’t use my car for unneccessary travels. I used boxes for my weekly shopping. I encourage my family to eat properly and not to waste food. I recycle clothes from one kid to another then sell on Ebay what is still in good shape- or hasn’t been worn. I give my magazines to other people, toys and books. I use less cleaning products or reduce the doses. The list is almost endless.

But then you learn that aiplanes companies are not taxed on petrol and they send their aiplanes empty accross the world in order not to lose their spots. Oil companies poison civilian waters while refining their products. Even desalinization might create sulfuric acid rains. Big companies are fined if they trespass their pollution levels- which they do happily as they don’t want to reduce their waste. You start to wonder- what is the point for us to make the effort when most of it is made useless or barely compensate the waste created by those companies? Better still, are these entreprises run by human? Don’t they have children?

I am realistic. I have noticed that some countries are more active then others. Islands have a tendency to be aware that independency comes at a cost, but rich countries such as Switzerland feel totally unconcerned. They may complain about climate changes but that is because the snow is melting on their mountains and it has become harder for tourism. But the population feels rather unconcerned about the future and/ or any form of emergency towards amending our ways of life.

What strikes me most is that the medias are campaigning harshly but at the same time the good news are widely ignored. Tornados and twisters bring to the surface an algae that purifies the air. North Dakota is discovering huge amounts of oil on its land- that has been untouched. The current petrol crisis is forcing entreprises to fund research for renewable energy.

An economical factor though doesn’t seem to make its way to the mass though. There are more and more people on earth, and like it or not, we will have to make room for them. It also mean that we will have to share our heritage and that the costs of life will keep increasing. Luxuries will become rarer and more expensive. It is a reality.

Ultimately you have to know we are living on borrow times. The future is going to be our children’s present. You may want to ignore this, but the only way to become immortal is to keep your children and grand children alive. Do you want to be remember for genocide? i don’t think so.

Of course I am a bloody idealist. I have five kids, haven’t I?

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