I had seen this musical comedy on stage and almost gave birth whilst watching as the sound was so loud. I remember thinking the plot was quite superficial and the songs, well, I was a teenager during the Abba’s years, so I had enough. My mother-in-law wanted to watch the movie and dutifully I proposed to come with my youngest son ( he’s almost 11). Surprise! We all liked it! The scenery makes you dream- it puts you in holiday automatic pilot mode. Although most of the male cast were a tad rigid and definitely not the best singers, it gave a touch of reality and tenderness to the whole thing. Mery Streep – whom I would never had seen as a hippy- was so right that you sympathize all along with her character. Her daughter on screen- played by Amanda Seyfried- was just beautiful. She stole the screen at every appearance and made a very unlikely story believeable ( at least for 2 hours). We came out relaxed and joyful. My son loved the songs. Poor me. Another summer listening to Abba. What wouldn’t we do for love…
If you need to de stress, go and see Mamma mia!.

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