Another action movie I thought. The kind where everything is surreal – think the after Matrix- and violent. Angelina Jolie and her overdone pout are not a plus as I am a woman and don’t need a blow job. McAvoy though is an entire other dish though. Not that I fancy him whatsoever, but I consider him one of the best actors of his generation. I am convinced that he could sell nappies to a bachelor if he wanted to and turn any scenario into a goldmine despite the director and the script – and I have a tendency to think that the director make the actors in general.( I came up to this conclusion after seeing Tom Cruise in ” Magnolia” by the way. Tom Cruise for me is the epithome of action heroes actors,fast but incapable of conveying anything less than a canvas face – a blank face – which is supposed to let the spectator imagined any emotion applicable to the situation described ( ” Your mother had died” becomes a stare of despair or hope depending on what YOU feel but if you look closely the actor’s eyes it could also means ” When is the next pause, I need a wee/a fag/ a shag/ to get out of here”.Sorry for the disgression).

Ok so the story is about the son of an assassin who becomes involved in a fraternity of assasins in order to restablish some kind of order by bringing down a villain. The hero is supposed to have his father’s pool gene and in consequence is submitted to a regime of humiliations and routines so he can replace his father – the latest has been killed by the villain-and finish his task while helping the fraternity. Ahoy, that’s a scenario. Of course there is a twist you great neenee and the final scene has probably to do something with alost part of Matrix somewhere ( never forget that a killer, even a good one, can’t always completely win. No way. This is Hollywood talking).

Morgan Freeman is as best bored, Angelina Jolie is doing her Lara Croft routine without blinking and James McAvoy gives you the most unbelievable performance of the most pathetic killer ever seen – and he is better than wonderful. Just for him, and Mr McAvoy I salute you, the movie is worth seeing, watching, buying. I hope James McAvoy continues his way to stardom and remains what he truly is at heart- a great actor. Hats off.

I hated the scenario of course. It is one of these guys thing where being tough and tougher is of course best, and they actually are plain stupid. Even James Bond looks like a grown up compared to this.

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