Will Smith in a comedy, playing a Superhero gone awry and possibly alcoholic, I couldn’t missed that one. For the ones who know me – and the ones who don’t- I love Will Smith. His performance is okay but the roles he chooses are just genius. He gives you a story, he delivers a performance, he makes cinema interesting. I am all for it and I don’t even check what the story is about, I go and see it. A bit the same with John Travolta and John Cusack by the way.

So Will Smith is Hancock and not doing the best of it. Comes in an idealist whom he saved, and redemption is down the road. Then right in the middle of the movie, once you suddenly realized ” So what? How far can we go with this?” , you are embark on an entire new scenario that is completely separated from the first part. You just go:” What the heck….?” and you don’t have to think it over until the end. The twist is clever although the ending was a tad over the top for me. You can see that the credit crunch is already biting- people need sweet and hopeful endings. So that’s what you get.

The kids loved it.

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