The title of this movie made me think that someone was trying to be subtle here – but it was bit obvious to me. Nevertheless I decided to drag my poor husband to go and see it ( I was not tempted by ” Beowulf” or ” The Dark is rising”…). I had a few doubts though as I had read that the plot was about a funeral among stiff uper class society turned funny because an unknown dwarf turns up and declares that he is the deceased’s lover. You couldn’t hope for something worse.
So I was extremely surprised to be taken from the beginning. The actors were playing stereotypes to start with but once we had establish what we had ( the lawyer, the doctor, the vicar, the two sons who have issues and so on ( I am not telling it all as I wouldn’t like to spoil the surprise), the whole thing took off. And the worst it got the funnier it was. The characters suddenly were not all that they seemed and we even ended up finding them less pathetic- if not sympathetic. The dwarf is actaully almost anecdotal although of course he is the catalyst for most of the action.
This is definitely English comedy at its best. discreet, displaying vulgarity only when necessary and happily excentric.
If you have liked ” Four weddings and a funeral” but would happily skip the soppy romance part, this is for you. Men can survive during this one without feeling that their brain has been half amputated.

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