I have no shame whatsoever to reveal that I am a fan of Agatha Christie. I read almost all of her books ( there are more than 80 of them) – and I actually did this twice ( the first time when I was 11 and the second when I was 29. I am planning to re read the entire collection as soon as I can find the books in my still packed boxes).
Mrs Christie was a phenomenon. Her autobiography – that was written in 15 years , from the 50’s to the mid 60’s- tell us of her memories from the beginning until she reached middle age. Optimistic, full of good sense and practical advice, very detailed about the ways of two extincted eras ( the pre-1 st war and the second), the book is an easy read and although it has almost a thousand pages, you end up wishing she had written more. A life was not so extraordinary – or so she wants you to believe.
I realized that she must have been a master in disguising aher true feelings. She obviously believed in discretion and good manners and was by no means a kiss and tell sort of person- or at least not outside her intimate entourage. The book tells you nothing of her much publicized vanishing in 1926 and the only reference she made about it in her book was to say how the media could be hurtful when they smell a scandal. Silence is also made upon the infidelities of her second husband although she stretches at the end of her confessions that she has reached a stage in life where the things of the heart are behind her and the little pleasures of life sufficient to her happiness. How much of this is true, I don’t know. I just hope that I am right not to feel too sorry for her.
If you are curious about the habits and customs of the early 20th century I do recommend reading it. Life seems to have been peaceful then and quite easy. I strongly suspect that it is not reflecting the reality but it is quite interesting to read.

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