Ok, I am supposed to say that I went to see this one because of the kids. truth is – since I saw the trailer I wanted to see it. The rat did look cute and the quality of the background of the picture looked technically appealing. My sons had all seen it while they were in Switzerland last summer but they were game to go back to see it again, so when it came out here – in the UK- I took all my children and we really enjoyed it.
The Pixar company is good; they make clever movies that adults can watch without being bored and kids have fun too. The messages are slightly more complex than the ones from Disney and the heroes, whoever they are, have good and bad sides. Their choices are not always easy and their stories are not simple. I like that. Things are rarely easy in life and I believe that a kid movie can convey the message without being desperate.
So the quality of the picture is amazing. The details are fantastic and you come out of there being ready to be more adventurous in the kitchen. The plot is of course about someone who is not at the right place but it turns out to be at the right time. Does it end well? Of course, although it is not too ambitious.
A must see. And a buy when it comes out in dvd.
But the toys are crap.

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