If you have seen ” The others” with Nicole Kidman, you will have some reminiscence of the possible twist of the second half of the movie. That spoils it. But the idea is good indeed. A little village lives in lovely shaker style houses and lead very shaker style lives until some evil creatures appear and spread trouble and fear. A hero wants to break the limits that separate them from civilisation but seems only to bring on himself shame and pain. Then an event force the elders to reconsider their positions and beliefs; what choice are they going to make? Do they have the right to stop their children to know their past secrets and look out for adventure outside their community?
My husband warned the whole family that this was not an horror movie. Too much experience brought me to guess the truth within the first 30 minutes or so, but the rest of the audience remained confused until the truth came out. I must stretch that the average age of the audience was between 10 & 40. It is a good movie and raised a lot of questions from the adolescents in the crowd.
A good story for the people who think that the past was better, that the grass is greener over the fence and for the ones who like suspense but not violence so much.

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