I’ve put the dvds serie as a title as I am currently watching 12 movies of Stewart Granger, including ” the lamp still burns”, ” Love story”, ” Fanny by Gaslight”, ” Madonna of the seven moons”, ” Waterloo road”, ” Caesar & Cleopatra”,” Caravan”, ” The magic bow”,” Captain boycott”, ” Blanche Fury”, ” Woman hater” & ” Adam & Evelyne”.
Not being that cruel I watch these movies on my own while I do the family ironing. I like Stewart Granger as much as Cary Grant. Elegant, very versatile – much more than Grant who used to play the nice guy in every movie-, funny and I suspect not as cretin as his roles depicted him, I like watching Stewart Granger. men like these are rare nowadays. Anyway, unless you are a huge fan of Barbara Cartland ‘s books ( or Danielle steel , I guess, for the more modern), you probably will not enjoy this type of stories. From World war efforts to other centuries where gypsies, duel, cruel aristocrats and helpless women weer in abundance, these movies cover it all. It is actually funny to see what used to shock in the 40’s and 50’s and how much the stereotypes have evolved. I am sometimes surprised to see how things could be plainly depicted – like sex before marriage in an era when this was definitely taboo- but other times when I am almost bored – like the trick of the convenient memory loss that twist the story. The Bourne identity is a very old trick.
Highly pleasurable for me and me only. Ladies and gentlemen, nobody’s perfect.

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