I discovered Coben by reading ” Tell no one”. I loved the book and although I found it a tad clumsy, it got me addicted enough to make me read all of his books. But I remained disappointed as his Bolivar character bored me endlessly and the twists in his plots were as heavy as bricks. I had come to the conclusion that I would only buy one of his books if – and only if- it didn’t contain Bolivar in it and if it was in a pocket edition.
So I bought ” the innocent” as both requirements were fullfilled. And I was happy that I had persevered as it turned out to be a gem in the triller’s department. The story is about a young man who once got involved by accident in a fight and killed someone in defense. After coming out of prison and not keen to become a villain, he tries to keep a low profile and basically hides behind his wife and his duties to keep going on with life. But then one day he receives a picture on his mobile phone and that picture plunges him in an abyss of mysteries, lies and deceit that are much worse than anything he has known before and even worse, might send him back to prison for life. If you know ” Tell no one” you could say that sending pictures of things and/or persons that should not be is Coben ‘s trademark. But you get hooked on this one as easily as the first time – and in the process get involved in a lot of small twists that last until the end. I don’t realy care about grand finales, so I like little twists that make the end worthwile. And this one was. I enjoyed it through the last page.
A good thriller for the summer. Mr Coben, I am waiting for the next picture. Through the letterbox next time?

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