Kennedy knows how to get you addicted to his pages. His heroes are desperate but every steps they take keeps you behind them, even when it is as trivial as finding a new hotel room or falling ill in Paris. The quest for sanity of a poor guy who has lost it all and wants to write a book could make you dubious. How far can Mr kennedy take you…before you get bored? But that’s the magic – you never are. I was definitely hooked on this one and reading as slowly as I could in order to enjoy it longer. But then an unexpected thing occured; the hero is getting deeper in it when all he’s trying to do is to get out of it. And you discover that the life he’s rebuilding is not what it seems. The reason why was such a low trick, such a silly idea, that I almost dropped the book. I’d wished that Mr Kennedy had a better imagination.
So the style is great, the idea for more than half of the book was great, the twist is rubbish – and I am quite sure that I am not his only critic on this one. It is sad because the man has such talent to keep you on your toes.
I don’t know. I wouldn’t read it again. But I don’t regret reading it. I find the end …uninspiring. I am sure Kennedy can and will do better. Please…such talent…

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