Most men despise Jim Carrey but I personnally think that he is one of the nicest case of schizophrenia you can see on screen. His career is so eclectic and his face so expressive that I regret that he is not offered the chance to play more complex characters. Anyway. In ” 23″, he plays a bored and jolly nice guy who receives as a gift an intriguing book about an obsessive man who sees the number 23 everywhere. So far so good. But the main character strats to find analogies between his own past and the hero of his book – and that’s when things derail- of course. Now…the end is tad too twisted and unrealistic but I enjoyed the fact that a human being is shown with many of his contradictory qualities and aspects of his personnality. Carrey was able to give sweetness and depth to a hero that was definitely lacking a solid spine. The story itself could have been great – and just missed by a hair. It remains an interesting piece. More interesting is to share it with someone else and start re doing it. You’d be surprised what projections come out of it!
Not bad. Not great. For curious amateurs of the genre.

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