Although most of traders know what risks are involved with trading money wise, it turns out that most of them don’t talk much about the side effects of trading full time. Of course I already mentioned the social side of it and the fact that when you are a trader, people automatically associate you with the worst of capitalism, accuse you of taking advantage of the poor workers shamelessly, insinuate that you are just a greedy bastard and all in all end up asking you for tips on the stock market or on the future of it as if you were Madame Irma ( i.e. , a clairvoyant). No, I want to talk now about the fact that when you are trading, other forces are at work to. I will skip the part of the mental states we go through every day, which allows us to become pretty emotionnally relaxed in front of any misfortune that might cross our path- as, at best, we are finding life pretty easy or at worst, we are too tired to have the slightlest bounce of energy in front of adversity.
I am talking about health. The most well known of problems are sleepless nights- when you’re losing too much money-, depression ( probably for the same reason, adding to that, generally that your family and/ or friends start resenting your moods), stomach aches ( you need solid nerves when you see the markets going against you), back aches ( no chair will ever be comfortable enough when you spend 8 hours on it), joint pains ( lack of exercise), headaches ( abuse of computer ) and finally eyesight problems. Although I have been hit but all of the above ( except the stomach ache- yet), I just have been experiencing the yesight related problems. To cut a long story short, the fact that I am a contact lenses wearer who trades 10 hours a day and spends about an hour training on computer games has simply burnt my cornea. In both eyes. Which potentially could lead to blindness if not remedied quickly. Step one: no more contact lenses. My vanity here is suffering big time as my eyes are definitively my best assets. Step two: no more trading, for at least 10 days ( until the doctor makes a first assessment of the situation). Here, I feel panicky. I need to earn money quite badly – holidays start next week for us- and I feel guilty when I don’t trade. Step three: relaxation is compulsory. What? Are you kidding me? We are leaving in 6 days now, and I have the boys clothes to wash, the house to clean, the packing to do and a few bits and bobs to sort out before we all go away ( like sunscreens, trampoline to pack and so on and so forth).
I am not talking about the pain of course, the constant feeling that i am going to cry mixed with the sensation of having sand under my eyelids. The fact also that my usually green eyes now look like an albino rabbit’s. I am allowed 10 minutes per day of computer, 1 hour of reading ( book or newspapers) and tv is okay ( who would have guessed that? I am told that TV actually relaxes your eyes).
So Here I am. I wait. Patiently. Patience is the first virtue of traders- with discipline. Am I obsessive?

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