The movie is a French adaptation of a Harlan Coben best-seller. It is a thriller- probably the best one Coben has written so far. A doctor and his wife are once assaulted while bathing in a lake. The wife dies, the doctor tires to get on with his life. 8 years later, he receives an email, that shows him a video of his wife still alive and walking. The suspense starts there. Is it possible? Is it true? What happened- and what happens next?
Guillaume Canet who directed the movie has created a small miracle. He made a French movie with a French cast that doesn’t look French art all. In fact, it could take place anywhere. The actors are very sober throughout the whole play, but it keeps you riveted in your chair. The twists are not always fully convincing but you enjoy nonetheless what is with no doubt a great thriller. You have enough holes and clues to make you feel clever in front of the mystery without being fully capable of resolving the mystery. Women characters are very solid and present. Guillaume Canet makes a cameo appearance in very clever way.
I wish this film has a long carreer. It was very good. Mr Canet, I salute you.

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