I have been trading for the last – almost- 2 years while my children were running around me, asking for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner/ snacks/ going to the toilet/ and a few other things. I realized that I was studying any new techniques better if I was 1) away from home or 2) while the kids were asleep. Being mother develops some form of resilience because despite the fact that I keep juggling with houseworks, kids care, work, administrative work and a few other things ( still unpacking…), I was – and still am- able to learn after 8 pm.
So, against all good advice from my fellow traders, I have started about 6 weeks ago to study the techniques of candlesticks. The theories of John Carter and Hubert Senters, as their newsletter, taught me a lot , and to be honest, still teach me a lot. It gave me an edge and brought some reflection. For example, I did notice that Carter and Senters sometimes disagreed on what would happen next on certain market. Both their arguments were actually valid. I wasn’t confused, as I had enough experience to have notice that any outlook about facts and life can differ according to the person you’re talking to, but I found interesting that these two guys, who work together all the time, could have such different opinion sometimes. I realized that the know-it-all mentors I could have were not as good as I thought. Carter & Senters had the honesty of accepting other people’s view. Most of my mentors over here didn’t have such humility. But it didn’t mean they were always right, far from it. I came to the conclusion that I should drop mentors and examples and start doing my own research and use what suited me best, whatever people said.
So here I am reading Nison and Bigalow and testing like mad everything I am learning. I use daily time frame, hourly time frame, 30, 15, 5, 3, 2 and 1 minute time frames. I test everything. I read trin, put call ratio, tick, ADX, MACD, RSI, volume and test all these indicators against my ideas. I use Fibonacci levels, pivots ( daily,weekly, monthly), EMAs. I takes me ages and I spend a bit of time in the weekend to print charts of different time frames to compare if my findings are making sense. So far I have tested almost exclusively the DOW, but I am turning now to the FTSE, the DAX, the Nikkei and the big stocks. From an early stage experience it seems that my own personnal technique works best on indices.
My fellow traders tell me I am mad. Some of them have decided to follow my lead – as I am obtaining good results- and they have bought some of the books or dvds. Most of them have already commented that the matter is dry. My answer is that I don’t give a damn as long as it works. I actually find that this is fun. You have a theory, you wait for the right set up, you jump in, you jump out, you make money. It can be fun – if you keep an open mind. You have to stop being pessimistic. I read somewhere that a pessimist is someone who prefers to be right, even if the outcome is failure. I don’t want to be a pessimist. I want my life to be good – and that’s what I am aiming for.
Now I am of course constantly under pressure. My husband is working too, and he’s quite busy at the moment setting up his practice and creating cds to help people stop smoking/ lose weight and accomplish a lot more little miracles. If I didn’t have the children I’d be a workoholic. SO would my beloved. We probably are- despite the kids. But I always took the back seat when my husband was at work and this started to get the best of me. Although it was not intentionnal, I started to have the impression that what I was doing was not as valuable as what he was. It felt like if my job was actually a sort of hobby. I gradually became more and more frustrated and felt completely incompetent. Taking the back seat means you don’t count. Gradually it creeps you under your skin- if you don’t count, what you do is crap. So you make it crap. Everything matches. I was not getting results – or I was very irregular- and my frustration was gently but firmly covering the rest of my life.
Now my husband is a great guy. I retain his ex girl-friends as complete morons to have let such a gem slip through their fingers. Mind you, some of them keep calling him back! And the great good thing about him is that I can actually be myself with him, all the time. I was not giving him the best of me, and I was starting to be unhappy, so it was time for a talk. I am not sure I presented that as well as I could have but I am quite sure that I made my point clear. We had to find a way to cope with our both demanding jobs- and the children. And the housework. We had to set down rules – and keep them. So we did.
We are still juggling of course and these are early days. Progress are made and my confidence is returning. My results show this – although of course I am not as rich as I’d like for now! But I am having a good time. I am enjoying my work. I am happy with my life. I love and adore my husband.
And I am knackered, so I don’t suffer from insomnia. Can anyone be happier?

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