We had our house warming party on Saturday. The house was more or less ready and tidy, but we still had our dining room packed up to the ceiling . Guests were very impressed just by the look of it so I didn’t dare comment about the cellars and the coach house. They are bigger – and full of boxes too. Our neighbours came early to help me look after the children while I should have been preparing the desserts. It turned out I was late on my schedule and they ended up cleaning the kitchen with me before helping peel a mountain of apples. I made apple pies, pear pies, apricot pies and chocolate mousse. Not one dessert lasted more than 20 seconds once put on the table. People complained they didn’t have a bite. It was brilliant. Although I had hoped we had enough for everybody, I also know that when you tatse something sweet, the less you eat the better it tastes. It is an old trick, that actually got a famous cola company in trouble. They tried to create a new taste – many years ago- and when samples were tested, lots of people absolutely loved a particular one. When it was put on the market, it turned out to be a catastrophe. It took the cola company a while to find out that their clients taste buds couldn’t cope with the sweetness of their product. Lesson learned.
We had our children, their friends and children of our friends – in total, more than 20 of them. Aged from 1 to 18, they all were very well behaved and we enjoyed their company. We had more than 50 adult guests turning up and it was very pleasureable to spend some time with so many people we love and we like. I think we should do this more often! I am already planning my husband’s birthday, which is in September…
Now of course we are completely knackered. The house is very cleaned as the neighbours – once again- popped in and gave us a hand. I don’t think I could have better neighbours actually, which is great. But we are physically drained. It was to the point that my beloved husband forgot to close the main door yesterday, while we were going out. He didn’t just left it unlocked, he left it wide open. We came back a few hours later- and it turned out that an Amazon delivery guy had left a parcel for me – inside the house. But nothing was missing. Amazing. I am not sure if there is a lesson to be learn here…
When you are happy, there isn’t much to say. For us all, it took a trampoline, a great barbecue, lots of friends around, a few pies and a bit of free leisure time. Nobody got drunk- which was premiere, but I realize that when you have fun, English people don’t need to drink that much. So for once the discussions were coherent and funny. And clever…
Now it is back to a normal life. I am trading, shopping, cleaning and I can take my time to open new boxes. The holidays are not far- and I will definitely take some time off. I need to spend some time with my family – and the friends who will join us. I hope I will also take time to read….and do nothing. If I am able to!

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