I can be very sad. I resent sometimes the fact that I don’t have enough time on my hands to accomplish all the tasks I have on my list. Due to our move, I still have about 400 boxes to unpack- at least. I make sure that the kitchen and the bathrooms are always clean, I dust and I vacuum clean once a week – which is not enough. I lately discovered about 6 boxes full of clothes that had been stored in a damp place, so I had to wash them all. It has taken me more than a week to do it- 7 to 8 washloads a day. I should be finished by the end of this week- but then I was not able to keep up with the ironing. At first I did quite well; 3 hours in the evening while I was watching a movie with my beloved and discussing a few topics that would interest us. Then I did 2 hours, and soon I had quite a pile on the sofa. Good weather allowing I was able to do more washloads. The mountain grew bigger. The boxes were lingering in the halls of the house. I had pictures frames, jewellery, books and toys littering my office. I am used to order and spotless hygiene so I started to suffer. Add to this my youngest child with chicken pox, the feeling that I am overwhelmed by the situation, and a bad trading day ( that could have been actually funny; everytime one of my daughters entered the room, I jumped and pressed the trigger. I got it at the second mistake and got my arrow away from the clicking button. But it cost me a bit).
So when the time came to go to bed, I was tired, a tad frustrated and wondering how I was going to sort out this mess- literally.
I fell asleep, woke up 45 min later because of some thugs evaluating the opportunity of breaking into our house, then one of my daughters woke up, then again…And It was one in the morning, two, three…and I got up. I thought that maybe I could trade FX while I was finally in peace but there wasn’t anything that screamed ” go for it!”. So I started making some research about my strategies and watching wher they could apply, which stocks, what markets, and so on. After an hour, I decided I could surf Amazon, but tempatation was hard to resist so I read all my mail and the trading news I hadn’t read this week. Finally I considered playing some computer games but came to the conclusion that it would be wiser catching up with my ironing. I spent the next 5 hours and a half just doing that. Having reminiscences of a time where I used to have fantasies about staying up all night in order to catch up with my housewife work so I could then spend the day with my kids and be free of any obligation. I had been wise enough not to test it as I reckoned that it would be more than likely that I’d be too knackered in the morning to enjoy anything. But now I had my opportunity; I could spend all night doing it – I wasn’t tired. I felt completely numb.
At 8 am I went to check the UK market, something I hadn’t done in 2 months. I was horrified by the spread and wondered why I had spent so much time and effort to do it. Then I realized that I had only done a third of my ironing, 3 washing, and that the kitchen was a mess. I was basically in a haze and stayed there all day. I didn’t trade in the afternoon as opportunities wer rare thanks to what is called FED day. By 7pm I was ready and watching the markets again but didn’t lift a finger to trade. I knew what to do and papert raded it, but a part of me was just happy watching.
So I guess that I fullfilled my fantasy, at the cost I had predicted. It was unvoluntarily but as it happened, all I could do is going all the way.
I am too old for this. I will take a sleeping pill if I ever get there again!

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