This book is definitely one of my trading bibles. I am not saying that I agree with everything Carter’s write and say – although at the moment my friends have a tendency to label me a Carter’s fan- but if you want to learn something and you are not the absolute beginner, Carter’s book is worth a read.
Why? Because his explains his strategies in great details. Warning for the fanaticals: most of these strategies have been refined since the book has been published. The step by step guide is clear although not easy to understand. But I appreciated Carter’s rigorous approach and his no nonsense description of the reasons why his strategies apply to the markets. With this, he adds a business plan & a money management plan – which, for me, are paramount when you trade. His references are great and his honesty refreshing. Not only that- he gives you a taste of the effort you really need to apply in your trading and there is no disguise that this is hard work.
I had the pleasure to watch also his dvds that I recommend. As I already said, this doesn’t mean that you should accept blindly all of his techniques or advice, but it is worth reading and watching as it gives you many directions to follow- and this is definitely a good start.

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