Okay I am neither a fan of Ferrell or Heder, but my husband almost is. So I know that if we go and watch a movie with one of these guys in it, I am giving him two hours of joy and relaxation. Bonus- this movie had the two guys in it.
The story is a bit like the good cop- bad cop association. You put two guys who don’t have much in common and reunite them for better and for worse. Then it is up to the writer of the script to make it work. In this version, Ferrell & Heder are two world famous ice skaters who get into trouble because of the difference between their respective value. This brings shame and pain onto them until they obtain redemption through their – reluctant at first- union. Here you go, you know it all. I believe I already blamed Ferrell for playing in movies that always remind me of Adam Sandler. This film is in no way different. Now it had funny momens and if you just want to spend some good time in a black room – and have no girlfriend- then go on, you will probably enjoy it. I did – but have already forgotten why.

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