I started to write this blog because I thought it could be fun and quite a challenge updating it. I also believed that it would allow my friends, spread all over the world, to be updated about my whereabouts without having to phone me or wait for an email. Although I am very faithful and constant- I even still call every other year my childhood friends.
Now when you keep a blog, a few things happen. One, you get unwanted messages. Like spam porn and other funny things- I am still amazed at the number of emails I receive that promise me that my penis will be bigger or my sex life enhanced. The fact that ” James” is in my address and email address sems to be confusing. I even received an email from my broker that started with: Dear James…How easy. What about checking the actual real name of your customers? If I had put ” Batman” in my address, would I have received ” Dear Batman”?. I might try that. Will I still be offered to have my penis enlarged? Am I swiftly being transported in a new sci-fi age I totally ignored existed?
Okay, now two: you get lots of responses. One of my best friends told me she loved reading my blog as it wasn’t boring. She confessed that she has another friend who updates her blog, bless her, every day. But the content shows why: she has nothing to do. All she relates about is how she put her make up on and what she did during the day. Subject number one: her children. And how wonderful they are. It seems that the more I was hearing about it, the less I wanted to know. Why? Because we are all the same. It may be comforting to learn that so and so does the same things that you do, like eat blue cheese in the morning on a baguette and brushes her teeth BEFORE breakfast. Wow. That’s news. Keep me updated please, I need more. No kidding I am sure that some people do find comfort in these types of blog- as they feel lonely. But what is the point really? For the blogger it sort of seems that he/ she is throwing a bottle in the sea. Maybe someone, in this big wide world, will pick it up, and oh miracle, will actually respond to it. This has as many chances to happen than to win the lottery – and it is a very overstated guess. Now if you want to get more responses, I suggest you have a face lift with pictures on every step of your recovery or that you become Perez Hilton. Well my blog does get responses and quite a few reactions. It seems that my report on Bobbi Brown’s book was a winner between women over the age of 31. I had to discuss the merits of ageing versus the ones of using every possible means to deny it, the weight of society – the blame was largely put on men on this one, although I would have thought that it is up to the women themselves to decide what they should really do about it.I had to compare the benefits of cutting your hair as soon as you hit 41 against being wild and crazy and keeping it long- by the way, mine is now reaching my breast and I intend to grow it longer. Anyway, the bottom line is that my blog seemed to have triggered a lot of fun.
I had a look around though. Now you have my space.com & Facebook.com, secondlife.com and so on. The more the merrier I guess. But what amazes me is how open and careless all these people are. In a simple click of the mouse you find out – in one page- who they are, where they live, what they like and dislike, where they go to party, if they are druggies or swingers, and so on and so forth. I am not talking about the ones desperate enough to have pages and pages of friends they actually don’t know, but I bet they think they are cool. No one seems to think that their boss might one day check these pages. ” I love: Robbie Williams, getting drunk and shoes” says one. Another one makes the list of his likes and loves; interestingly enough, there is no mention of his long term girlfriend. This other couple posted – separately- that he wants kids, but she doesn’t. And I am not talking about the ex who lists an incredible list of books, movies and cds that you used to love at the time you were together – and have probably ceased to like since you both split up. Pathetic, in a way. But terribly fascinating. These people are opening their life to unknowns who may not be friendly but they don’t seem to communicate much with their life partners. How conscious are they of their underlying relationship contract?. That’s what I’d like to know.
I have even witnessed discussions via skype – i.e. instant communication – where things were said and totally ignored. Then you come back to the subject and your interlocutor seems to struggle to understand something you told him previously, as if sending a message has simply become sufficient to sustain the communication. The meaning becomes unimportant.
At the end of the day, it is not only what you do that counts, it is what you are that makes a difference. And it seems to me that among this sea of words that never dies nobody really knows. And nobody really cares.

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