I have to stressed that I am not a groupie of Mr Grant despite having probably seen more than half of all the movies he has played in for the last 15 years. Like many people I enjoyed ” 4 weddings and a funeral” and I thought that ” About a boy” was very decent indeed. ” American Dreamz” gave me some hope about his future in his chosen career. But plots like ” Notting Hill” and ” 15 days notice” have virtually been erased from my mind.
Now I had to see ” Music & lyrics”. Watching Grant cast as an 80’s pop star has-been was an irrestible idea. So I went and dragged there my poor mother-in-law who must love me very much and whom despite appearances I love very much too. I also promised her we would go and see the next Jane Austen movie together.
So, yes, here you go. Grant is very convincing in his new role, especially so as he looks much older now that he really is. Drew Barrymore is as delicious to the eye as usual – great body for the guys, very interesting combination of clothes and make up for the girls. The plot is very cliche- you have a ex-pop idol who is looking for a come back, money and true love and manages to strike all three before the end of the movie. So far you can yawn. But it turned out that the lines were quick and witty, there was very little self pity from Mr Grant part ( something that can’t be said about Drew Barrymore’s character) and you end up with a nice forgivable ( and probably forgettable) chick flick. I laughed a bit and didn’t see the time pass, so I’d give that an average mark.
Now I am curious to see what kind of role can be devoted to Grant. You need imagination on this one, although I trust he has what he takes to pull it off if given half the chance.

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