I had seen ” Shaun of the dead” by Simon Pegg and Edgard Wright a few years ago. Although I am no huge fan of gory movies I had to reckon that this one was worth seeing. That why when I heard that ” Hot Fuzz” was coming out, I was definitely committed to watch it as soon as it was out.
Now Simon Pegg has some similiraties with Adam Sandler. His movies includes his pals ( Nick Frost) who play…his pals and there is an undertone of kindness throughout the whole story that shows the intimacy of the protagonists. But unlike Sandler, Pegg is funny.
This new movie is about a supercop who makes all his colleagues look bad as he’s so efficcient. So his superiors decide to send him in the quietest town of England where things turn out to be quite different from his expectations. May I say more? The intelligence of Pegg and Wright is such that you have plenty of little twists in the story – including the end- that makes it all worthwhile – even though some of them are truly expected. But the lines are quick and funny, the story is very English and it is an enjoyable experience.
Now there is obviously someone in this team who displays some interest in gory, bloody movies. If you have a teenager or two in the house, they will enjoy it as much as you do. But if you have a sissy in the house, beware. Some scene may haunt them back at night.
I have high hopes for the next movie that Pegg & Wright will commit. I’d be curious to see what is the next genre they will explore; action? More or less done. Romantic comedy? How are the gory bits going to be included?

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