I had received an ad in my mailbox about this one. Described as better than Bridget Jones for spreadbetters, I decided it might have been worth a read. I was disapointed.
Ms Nicoll needs a boyfriend and a good deal for a novel. In the meantime while she was busy trying for both she decided to venture into spreadbetting. Why not?. The only thing I can say is that she didn’t learn much within the year and a bit she started trading. She basically punted- quite erratically- for quite a while and went to meet a few traders who were professionals thanks to her broker. One thing I do admire though is her honesty about the whole matter- she makes a fool of herself and I believe she knows it. She ends up going to a Greg Secker course- that doesn’t seem to change anything to her capacities- and that’s where the book ends. If you’re more curious than I am, she has a blog on the net about her exploits.
So basically this a book about what NOT to do when you’re trading. Does this help? I don’t think so. I hope that her love life is a little bit less clueless and that her novel makes more sense. I wish her all the best though- she needs it.

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