No, I actually didn’t start dieting. I don’t intend to diet, actually, just lose weight. I know that most people set goals like : ” on Monday I’ll start dieting…” and on Tuesday they blow it because a piece of chocolate crossed their path and they had to execute the whole box. So the new goal is set for the week after and they use the rest of the preceding days just gorging themselves so they have more weight to lose on the following Monday.
But I believe in getting prepared. So I am tidying up my fridge and my food cupboard, setting times for exercise and reading a few books to give me a clue. My first trial is to get my mind ready so I have started to listen to Paul McKenna’s cd ” I can make you thin” ( included with the book of the same name). The book gives you sensible advice and no magic trick. So far nothing new under the sun. But I am more than curious about the cd as it puts me straight into trance when I start to listen to it. I am not able to remember anything after I have heard that I am supposed to count backwards, a task that is even made more difficult as counting in English is not among my linguistical habits. But I admit that I do wake up when I am ordered to. So I expect the suggestions to work.
Now, what is the power of NLP when targeting the problem of losing weight, staying thin and becoming healthy?. NLP for the non initiated means Neuro Linguitsic Programming. Now check Wikipedia to find out more about it. NLP includes a form of hypnosis invented by Milton Erickson and refined by Richard Bandler and probably John Grinder, the 2 co founders of NLP. Milton Erickson used to say that hypnosis was not very successful when used for weight loss but Paul McKenna, who’s built a whole business out of it, seems to believe otherwise. So I am willing to give it a go, especially as it is supposed to be without pain, no effort and easy. In five words, too good to be true. But what do I have to lose- except a few kilos? So here you go.
Lots of people think that NLP is the answer to all their problems. That hypnosis is going to get rid for you of anything annoying. But the truth is, despite all sorts of claims, that it doesn’t really work this way. It can,of course. But it is not a general rule. The truth is that you have to repeat the exercises, the new behaviour and the hypnotic suggestions in order to make it work. I have seen people cured of their phobias, bad habits, depression and/or heartbreak in a wink. I have seen people becoming alert, enthusiastic or happy after a session. But for any new situation, or any long haul change ( like becoming more successful at work you have to work on it and do it often.
I have given in the past the Paul McKenna book to a few friends and some members of my family. They all told me that they had lost weight the following week(s). But after 3 months most of them were back to square one. When asked what went wrong they all told me that listening to the cd again and again was fastidious. They had better things to do- like watching TV while sipping wine and munching a packet of crisps. So here you go. What you need first is discipline and motivation.
When I am in dieters’ kitchen I sometimes see pictures of their “old self” (i.e. when they used to be thin) on the fridge’s door. It supposed to be helpful and keep them focus on their goal. But my advice in the matter comes from Richard Bandler; he said that if you want to lose weight, you have to study the people most successful at it- the anorexics. I happen to have met a few in the past, and one thing I remember is that they all told me that what was the starting point of their illness ( anorexia is an illness by the way ) was a picture of themselves on which they were fat and in their own eyes ugly. So maybe you should have an ugly picture of you on the fridge or on the mirror of your bathroom, showing you how fat you look. I hope that this doesn’t make your partner run away when he realizes who he lives with.
New Year’s Eve is not so far, so I am getting ready. And I shall of course start my weight loss program on a Tuesday, or a Wednesday,or whatever. When I feel like it.

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