I am one of the lucky few who never put on weight. I could eat like a horse and with no shame or guilt just gob any piece of cake or chocolate that met my way. As I have had quite a bad health all my life, I ‘ve been wary since my twenties about eating lots of fruit and vegetables and always read a lot of books about diets and nutrition. I never smoked ( although I tried a few times) and never drank alcohol ( got wasted twice seriously in my teenage years and don’t like the taste of alcohol. I know. How sad). I did not do drugs either- I also tried that. But I don’t have an addictive personnality so I have no merit.
I am fully aware that I probably pissed off a lot of women who saw me eat. My sisters were disgusted. They kept telling me that if they even ate half of what I was able to take in they would be obese within six months. I didn’t understand. But as I had no concern about myself, I didn’t care either. I was though sensitive to the female problems of dieting and weight gain. Throughout my reading and my learning I was able to dispense good advice on supplements to take that won’t kill you in the short or long run and nutritional advice about how to lose weight without losing your mind, your friends, your sense of humour and being exhausted on top of this. And when I had in front of me a woman I didn’t like I had no qualms about pigging out in front of her. I acually had to turn 38 when I realized how powerful that could be and start doing it- although not very often I must say.
Now I had heard the warning more than enough: when you turn 40, your hormones play havoc and I shall see what I shall see. Well I’ve hit 40 two years ago and I am still thin, thank you very much. I measure 163cm ( 5 foot 4″ ) and I weight 51kg ( about 8 stone ? – or more exactly 112 pounds). All’s well. Yeah, except that I have put on about a stone and a half since I was last pregnant and I haven’t lost it. I blame of course trading; sitting behind a computer all day has been a huge change in my habits. I used to cycle for 45 minutes every morning, walk 2 to 4 hours a day, have 2 minutes of stretching and so on. Now – nought. Niet. Nada. I get up from bed in the morning and end up behind my computer that is exactly 2 feet away from my bed. That’s not good.
Of course my clothes size has changed. I went from a 6 to an 8 (UK size or if you prefer from a 36 to a 38 French). I don’t like that at all. I have saddle bags, a tummy, large hips and a bum. Still as flat chested as an iron board, but I have always been okay with it. It allows me to have deep decolletage without being vulgar ( this is very French. You don’t have it, flaunt it).
So now I shall have a New Year resolution. I will lose weight. I do not intend to become a Bridget Jones and give here my daily routine of sins, but I will record my progress or lack of and my different trials of diverse methods in order to reach my normal weight. I expect to lose about 5kgs within the next 6 to 12 months, add some muscle and go back to being fit.
And as for the other changes- sagging, grey hair, wrinkles and hormonal fluctuation and so on- I shall fight. Not much, just a little bit. I am quite happy to be my age. And I don’t look too bad – I hope. As long as I don’t double check in the mirror.

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