I have a little bit of curiosity in NLP and hypnosis. My husband is keen on magic too, which leads us to Ian Rowland. This man has written a book that people who believe in tarot, mediums and astrology should definitely read. His book is a quite exhaustive review of all the tricks that are being used to convince clients that their past, present and future can be told or predicted. Derren Brown has quite famously demonstrated how this work shortly in one of his broadcast. He wrote down a paper that he gave to several people and asked them to read it and tell the camera how accurate he was about their personnality. Derren Brown had actually never seen these people before so it was interesting to see what they would say. I more or less remember that the general opinion was that the reading was 99% accurate. Once this done, the people had to exchange the papers that they had been attributed. Now go and buy his dvds and see by yourself what happened next. Derren Brown might have a”deranged sense of humor” ( said by Ian Rowland) but he is an extraordinary and very convincing illusionist. Yes, I know how his tricks work. But still, I love to see him in action.
Anyway, back to the book. Ian is very precise in his descriptions of the different ways you can be compelled to believe that what the medium/astologer/con person is telling you is the absolute truth. He is not forgiving as he also explains how our minds work and have a natural tendency to compensate for any lack of acuteness in the predictions. But once you’ve read his book, I can bet that you stop throwing money out of the window for thsi sort of frivolous pastimes and start enjoying the fredom you finally gain by discovering that your future…is all up to you. How great can it be?
Thank you Mr Rowland. I wish you write another one. I love your tongue in cheek sense of humor.

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