Most of the traders I know turn towards NLP to raise their chances of becoming a better trader – this means ” to make more money” or for some of them ” jut to make money”.
Does it work?Hell yes. The funny thing about it is that it doesn’t matter whom they’ve gone to see, be it Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler, Michael Breen or Tony Robbins, or the first coach they have heard about. The result is almost always the same; their trading improves.( Their bank account should also improve, at least enough to cover their coach’s bill. If not, dump the coach). My wild guess here is that they would have made money anyway at some point as they are simply committed to do so. Now kidding apart, I believe that NLP is useful. Not only for trading, for life in general. And some general rules can be applied for both things. Rule number one: the difference between winners and losers is that winners lose more often.
You think I’ve lost it?.Think again. A winner is someone who gets where he wants to go. He usually aims for the top; top of the world, top of the guests list, top of the biggest pile of money. But there is no miracle about it- unless he ( or you or me, but actually not me ) have a very rich daddy or mummy or wife or someone who pays the bills, which is not so rare anymore- a winner has to work hard to achieve his/her dreams. He/she takes every opportunity to go forward. And he/she fails, but he/she tries again. Can I stop being politically correct? I’ll say “she” but you are allowed to read “he” or “they”or ” you” or “me” or even “we”. This cleared, let’s come back to the subject. A winner knows how to fail when she does: she learns a lesson about it and tries another way until she succeeds. So she adds experience to her knowledge and little by little, this becomes second nature ( and that’s why it is sometimes called intuition in the traders world).
A loser on the other side looks at things and get ready to play ( life or trading) when he’s ready. ( Nope. It’s not a she here. I am talking about someone else). So he’s never ready or when he is, he plays, fails, considers the situation, lets the opportunities pass, tries again when it seems safe to do so, fails or succeeds, gets scared a little bit, gives up until he’s really ready and so on. In other words, he misses the point entirely.
Of course I am not the devil advocate. I am not telling you that you should jump on everything you believe is an opportunity without second thought. That’s why it took me 2 entries to explain to you that you should have a plan. But once you have it, follow the plan. Now you may have a different course of events-trades- on your way that may force you to reconsider your initial plan. But if you’re clever, that should be part of your plan too.
So at the end a winner gets more than he first gave when a loser is the opposite. And if you stop and consider this for a minute, you will see how true this is in every domain.
I stop the lecture for today as Christmas is already coming. My time to be lectured – although don’t expect to see me at the mass.

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