I haven’t chosen to work. If I could have, I would have happily stayed at home, looked after my kids, do charity work and read all day. Of course I would have had a cleaning lady 8 hours a day and 6 days a week. Could have been a cleaning man, for all that I care, but I have my doubts about ever even meeting one. I guess I’d need a wife to be honest, but I am far from being a lesbian and I am afraid that by now it is not exactly the kind of experience I would even remotely contemplate, even drunk. Sorry sisters.
So here it goes. I usually wake up around 7AM. I go straight to my computer and do my set-ups for the day, read the news and generally get prepared to play the market. I am currently in the UK and do spreadbetting – an invention that make most of our fellows US traders green with envy. The reason? No taxes on spreadbetting- as long as you don’t start making a decent living with it. Then the tax man cometh along… Life is unfair.
The kids are usually up by the time I reach my desk. The girls run around with hundreds of demands while I try to figure out what I am doing. Sometimes I am patient. Sometimes I find it hard, especially if they have woken me up during the night for a glass of water or because they had a nightmare or…whatever. Parents know what I am talking about, the others…Welcome to your future. My dear husband usually defuses the frustration by taking the girls in the kitchen for breakfast. Between 9AM and 11AM – depending on the frenzy of the market, I have a shower and my breakfast. Then I start cleaning the kitchen/ the bathrooms, doing the washing/the ironing, dusting/vacuum-cleaning, and so on. Life is so exciting.
Hubby prepares lunch. He cooks, helps me to do the dishes, do the shopping, get the bins out and fix all my computer’s problems. He supports me day and night. I have a great guy, I am flucky (=fucking lucky). Now he hasn’t fallen from heaven and he has heard my screams as well as the whole neighbourhood when I didn’t find him helpful enough. Under this aspect, we are normal.
In the afternoon I get ready for the US market. Still a learning process – so I play the indices. Or I try to play. Between 3PM and 5PM, I stop. I usually spend then time with my daughters. We go to the park, do some shopping, visit exhibitions, go to museums. When it rains, we watch dvds, play with dolls, cook. Then it’s dinner time – usually a light one unless we have guests. Then I do my homework, which consists in reviewing my trades of the day, study the whole FTSE 350, prepare my trades for the next day and set up my alarms.
Once I am finished, I go and read a story to Olivia and Eugenia, after their bath, given by my sweet other half. Then it’s play time. I watch a movie, I read a book, I learn some new strategy that I can use for my trading.
I’d wish I could hit the sack by 10.30PM but hubby has a tendency to remain up until midnight. we have to compromise- I end up falling asleep around 11.30 if I am lucky.
And then I start again. Is it worth it? When you have small children, suicide is not an option. Just kidding.

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