Hi, hello, bonjour, welcome.
As far as you’re concerned, my name is James. Not James Bond, not James Blond, just James. Although I have chosen a man’s name, I was born and still am a woman. I have 5 kids to prove it – with pictures and films handy for the ones who believe what they see only. But I won’t show you this as I prefer to remain anonymous for the time being. Why? Because I can’t stand the idea of being stopped on the streets and asked about any content of this blog. So here you go, you have a first clue: I am ambitious.
I was born in 1964. I do not look that old, but I am committed to not growing old gracefully. This said, there is no way I am going to put any botox in my face. Whoever had this idea is a genius : poison your wrinkles! Sounds great to me, but at the end, who are you poisonning really?
I have been brought up as a Catholic but I am very sorry to say I was never a believer. I was 4 the first time I discussed my beliefs and I remember vividly the spanking that ensued right after the words came out of my mouth. I have been nonetheless forced to go to church until I was old enough to fight back – which turned out to be around my 14th birthday. Second clue: I grew up in a violent family environment.
I stopped my studies before finishing University. I studied philosophy, French literature, Russian ( forgotten by now), and psychology. English is not my mother tongue so I hope you will forgive me any grammar, spelling and other sorts of mistakes.
I have been married twice. My first marriage started in 1989 and was over in 2000. I was then left with 3 lovely little boys. Their names in this blog are fictious . My first son, Alex, was born in 1993. The second, Luca, in 1995. The 3rd, Martin in 1997. I met my second husband in 2001 when I thought that I’d never find love and was quite resigned to it. We got married in 2003. We have 2 little girls together, Olivia, born in 2002 and Eugenia, born in 2004.
In 2003 I realized that we had more money coming out than coming in. So I had to go back to work. I previously had been a McDonald employee, a cleaning lady, a model, a translator and a teacher. But I had no degree and had been away from work for about a decade. Although I wanted to go back to University I still had the children to look after, so I had to find a solution. My first though was “Who would ever employ a 40-something woman who has 5 kids and has been out of the game for more than 10 years?” The only idea I could have was “I need money so I should go where the money is.” I registered to a course about trading. I had no idea how it worked, what it meant, whatever. But I had to start somewhere- so I did.
I have been learning trading since October 2005.
I have multiple interests. I like reading novels, magazines, and if there is none in sight I am able to turn towards dictionnaries and the yellow pages out of despair. I read psychology books, trading books and any books I am being given. I will review them through this blog. I like movies- I tend more towards chick flicks and oldies movies, but my sweet husband prefers horror, thrillers and teenage comedies, so you should have a full panorama of different tastes. I am interested in nutrition, politics, environment issues, embroidery, knitting, travels, alternative medicines, NLP, hypnosis, and a bunch of other things.
I don’t know how I do it. I have been asked many times, but I just don’t know. I am quite sure that one day, 20 years down the line, we – women- will wonder why we have put ourselves under so much pressure. But so far I am doing it.
So this is what this is all about- marriage, kids, job, trading, and the rest. The exception is that this blog is about me – so for once I will not figure at the end of the list.
I have to warn you: I am NOT a politically correct person. And I swear. And I am not always nice. So if you don’t like it, please, don’t bother me about it. I have better things to do. My knowledge may be limited sometimes and my opinoins are only mine. You don’t like it, change the page.
Hasta la vista…and welcome to my world.

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