Borat is all the rage everywhere. And when I say all the rage…Good Lord. So Sacha Baron Cohen is the hero of the day. The question is: was he fully conscious of what he was doing? Did he foresee the impact his movie would have on the world? Or is he simply completely schizophrenic?
I guess that if you’d ask the man he would take his Borat’s voice to answer you. The good news is that he’s making fun of everybody. No one gets spared. It’s run for your life- and what makes his success is that by the time people realize they’ve fallen into his trap, it is too late. But at the end of the day isn’t it comforting to see that we all make a fool of ourselves when given the occasion?
Now of course it is not politically correct. And I don’t mind at all. The fact that I strangled myself laughing at each and every one of his scenes didn’t change anything to my actual beliefs and values. But I know when to recognize a wake up call and this is certainly one. It is impossible not to be shocked by Borat. That’s a good thing – but look how far he had to go to this effect.
An interesting fact that I have seen pointed out anywhere is about a peculiar habit that people have. In a scene Borat tries to greet unknown passers-by and underground passengers the Kazakh’s way. He gets rejected quite violently. But when the unknown ( and unsuspecting) people have been told of his visit, they let him go all the way. Curious. I am sure that some crooks and rapists got the fact registered in the back of their mind – and we remain the unsuspecting victims.
Go and see Borat. Make Sacha Baron Cohen rich. The guy will deserve body guards soon.

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