I went to see ” The Break Up” last summer. I was quite surprised to see a lot of young people (young= under 20) there as I would have thought that 1) chick flicks are an embarrassing place to be seen 2) how could any of them feel concerned by the subject 3) I had not become so prejudiced.
So this young guy sits just behind me with his flirt. He has pimples all over his face and greasy hair but you can still see him with his school uniform. She has one, the skirt has become ra-ra and she’s covered with make up applied with a trowel. He says:
– Have you been waiting for long? I am sorry I was late.
– How long would you have waited for me if I hadn’t turned up?
-You mean, what?, 15 minutes? 30?
-You could have gone to Starbucks, you know. I wouldn’t have seen you but you would, right?
– I went there.
The little guy:
-Oh woaw,man, I mean…You’re wild!

Not so prejudiced after all?

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