Due to demand I’ve come back.

Been busy these last months. I’m still doing my degree at University, but have now decided that it would be better to do 2 degrees instead of one. The reason being that doing Economics is very interesting but it doesn’t cover all the questions I have about the markets and how things work. I realised that you have models in Economics, models in Finance, models in Accounting- and I thought : ” What the heck, let’s try to get the full picture here”. So here I am. Doing 2 degrees.

The exhaustion is at point break right now. I’m finishing one course – a technical one about how to do research using search engines, academic journals and info online. It’s interesting and boring at the same time. Interesting because I’m suddenly plunged into some hidden faces of the Web I was not aware of. If I knew about blogs, the dangers of Wikipedia and how to use Google or Bing ( Bing being now incorporated to Yahoo), I didn’t know anything about delicious.com,  academic resources or RefWorks.

So I’m learning, but as always with computers, unexpected things happen. Links disappear, computer fails, bookmarks get mysteriously erased and it can be pretty tedious to explore what looks like an maze for a neophyte like me. Persevering though as the more information I gather, the better armed I am.

I have already booked 3 courses for the year to come so I expect to be even more challenged in the future. I find difficult to run out of time and I trust my house looks like a tip right now. But on the other side I am gaining a growing sense of satisfaction while stepping forward into the unknown. My self-confidence is definitely developping, especially after doing a 100% at a maths course; who would have told I could get into maths? Not me. But my fears are not as strong as my hunger for knowledge and the worst that can happen is that I have to give up- and come back later, hopefully.

So work it is.

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