I was not keen on the first Madagascar, which I saw with my kids and thankfully never had to watch again. So I went to this one dragging my feet- just a little bit. My beloved husband fell asleep after 10 min but we were all to mesmerized to notice. We didn’t even noticed when he woke up.

The music of the fim is energetic and enthusiastic – as the movie is, really. THe plot still fails to please me and there was some reminiscence of the Lion King that I found a tad insulting- we could have seen better than a remake of that. But…The penguins are extraordinarily funny ( the guy(s) who write their part must be high on something but it is sooo good) and the rest of the cast have their funny moments. All in all it was enjoyable.

Luckily I won’t have to watch it again, but if I have to, it will be alright. But just once.

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