The plot is extremely simple. An almost has-been Hollywood movie star decides to accept an offer to play Shakespeare’s King Lear in England in the hope it will revive his career and put some distance between his unhappy aspiring actress of a daughter.

Now it’s easy to guess- things don’t go according to plan. Reynolds ends up in a small village in Devon and has to deal with a team of amateurs. Nobody’s happy. But life is made of challenges and all ends well.

Reynolds face-lift is a disaster and it’s beyond me why actors and actresses do cosmetic surgery when their bread is earned thanks to their expression and their acting. Anyway. The man has some experience under his belt and it shows.  The bunch of amateurs have their charms but the truth is that this film is sadly missing the point. It should attract English viewers as it is a UK comedy. But it just shows what everybody over here knows already about small villages and  the lovely country and its people. It should attract US viewers but showing them how their well known habits are challenged overseas. By it’s all too boring to really bother.

It was 2 h of my life that I can’t have back. It was simple- but I’m afraid it was just that.

Sorry Burt.

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