Although this is not a movie but a serie of documentaries on animals and habitat of our lovely planet, these dvds definitely deserve a review. Their quality and their purpose is a must see for the whole family. I am not so much an animal person anymore. I used to love cats, dogs, guinea pigs, mice and hamsters when I was a child. I was desperate to have an animal – but except for a hamster, didn’t have much luck. The hamster lasted 2 years and I was quite upset when he died. I inheritated 3 gold fish when I was a teenager. two of them died jumping out of the aquarium – landing on my pillow and the last one had the position of a hanging man the very last time I saw him. I tried to save a pigeon who had a broken wing and had to bury him in a park nearby- a friend of my mother helped me. As soon as I lived on my own I got a cat. He was actually my boyfriend’s family cat. His parents had decided to move back to America and had the intention to have him put to sleep. I was horrified and I adopted him. He was white and yellow with angora hair – no pure race there. I loved him to bits and since he left, more than twenty years ago now, I kept adopting yellow cats. I am without one currently, as the last one died this year – he was run over by a car. But I miss having a cat – and it is in my plans to have another one by the spring.
This said, I find animals interesting and I enjoy watching monkeys at the zoo when I bring my kids along. I am terrified by lions and bears, or tigers, or any wild cats for that matter, but I appreciate that there are more than one living form on earth. Of course I have my doubts about this last statement when I look at my fellows human, but you know what I mean.
I knew naturally that animals in the wild are predators mostly and that it is not always pretty or fair. I had once watched a documentary on lions where the father waited for the mother to go hunting and just killed his own children that he ate with delight. One of my sons was with me at the time – he was 4. Neither him or me fully recovered after this- we both don’t like lions very much anymore. But I never really truly understood what it meant to live in the wild. The truth is simple- and it is ugly. At the same time, there is something magical and incredibly hopeful about the destiny of thousands of defferent species. Imagine: all they do is look for food and look for water. They have to travel for days or weeks to have a few days of abundance that will give them enough strength to carry on for the rest of the season(s). Their fight for survival is amazing. They follow path that no one who is slightly sane would follow but they still make it. They have to sleep and walk and eat in incredible condition. And they have no choice about it. It made me terribly sad to see the victims try to run and succumb anyway. It was fascinating to see that the first bite was all that it took to make them lose the game and accept their death without even a hint of struggle. It was scary to watch a polar bear lay down and die when food was just meters away – but he didn’t have the strength to get up for it. I am not even talking about the climate changes and the human imput to add to their misery. The whole thing is being film in the best possible conditions in images that make you dream. The earth is a beautiful place but life is hell.
So for all the commuters would get into trance as soon as they step on a bus/tube/train, for all the people who have the feeling that what they do doesn’t matter, for all the children who take Father Xmas ‘ toys for granted, for all of us who believe that we deserve more than we do….Watch this. Watch and learn.

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