In our society – western I mean- women are lucky. We have it all- most of us. We are allowed to go out even at night and choose our own clothes. We can even wear mini skirts and plunging necklines if we want to. we can put make up on without being asked how much we charge in the street. We can go and study for as long as we wish ( or we can). We can ask a man to marry us and we can ask for divorce. We have a roof above our head and we don’t have to live with our parents until we find a husband. We can raise our kids and get a job at the same time. We can decide if we prefer to live in a city or in the country. And when we retire we may have a pension. So far so good. I can see most of you nodding- yeah, right, so what?. So I’ve got you. If you haven’t noticed that you agreed from the beginning with a simple allegation ( ” We are allowed to go out…”) then it means that you know something that most of us women already know. We are second class citizen. Even in our nice western world. And let’s not talk about the salry’s discrepancies.
Ouch now, am I a bloody feminist? Not sure but I can tell you this: I was naive enough to believe all this crap. I thought that we were lucky because we could have it all. I have been travelling to India, to Asia, to South America and in a few other parts of the world. I was so happy to have been born in Europe because I could see that I was free, compare to these poor souls, I was even more free than the men. But I was then young and I didn’t know that there is a price for having it all. Because it literally really means that. When you are a woman and you are as lucky as I am, you still end up doing more chores in the house then a men. I can see men frown, but except for the odd one who lives alone with his child(ren), I would like to see one guy tell me where his daughter socks or gloves are – before checking. I would like him to tell me how much flour is left in the kitchen. I would like him to tell me when was the last time the sheets were changed. I would like him to tell me when was the last time he dusted the house or cleaned the toilets.
Ok, your wife might be ” just” a housewife who stays at home and look after the kids. You are the breadwinner and you deserve some rest. Granted. Now, tell me, how many hours is your wife working per day? and if you think that looking after the kids is jsut pleasure, go and find out how much a nanny is paid. And tell me the truth- how many people would actually prefer reading a book or go to a movie or go shopping or read a book instead of looking after the kids 24 on 24?
Now I have it all. I am not sure that I am so much a feminist but I know that in order to have it all, you have to find a man who is as naive as I am and believes that women have the same rights as men. So I got one – the unique specimen?- and although I still have to show him the socks on the floor and that doing the dishes doesn’t mean putting it next to the sink, I know that we are sharing this world and that I have his support in all my endeavours.
But boy, that’s hard work. And for the men reading this, for the sake of fairness, yes I still ask ny husband to open the jars for me and to get the bins out. Told you I had it all.

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