I actually don’t like Giamatti and when I saw him in ” Sideways” I found the whole thing- him, his character, the story- to be a huge waste of time. But in ” The illusionist” the director has been able to take the best out of him and give him a role where he has to show the difficulty for a man to be trapped between his duty and his sympathy. Brilliant. And he wasn’t the main character- so this is my way of telling you that there was more in the illusionist that met the eye. HA ha.
Edward Norton , once again, has the best role. He is a famous illusionist who wants to be reunited with his childhood sweetheart. But she is part of the aristocracy and they live in very dangerous times. The love interest is almost engaged to the future emperor of Austria- and he’s not kidding when his plans are being contradicted. So now you are prepared for plenty of twists, no explanation of any of the tricks you will see and you can readily enjoy the show. I watched this with my family, and they all liked it. Although I thought the story was not that simple, even kids understand fully the details of the plot.
Entertaining, charming and Miss Biel teeth are doing the trick.
I must stretch that my husband did notice her bum, actually, and was quite indifferent to her horse’s mouth.
Good movie.

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