So I am in England at the moment and my friends and family are calling me to find out if I have to swim between my living-room and my kitchen or if it is all a media ‘s cry wolf.
I read this morning that meteorology researchers are now giving interviews about the future of humanity and asked if we are now enetering already the era of the climate change that we all fear. Nobody seems to care that more than a thousand Chinese people have already succumbed this weekend to the floodings. We are more concerned about the potential 7000 casualties we may see over here. Now the men ‘s answers are quite straightforward. 2 years ago, when Katrina did her damage, we could have said that this was an isolated phenomenon and that we had seen in the past such natural catastrophy- about 50 or more years ago. But now they have to reckon that having such close brutal changes can not be considered as an simple abnomaly. We had floodings here in 2000 – I was there and boy do I remember- and they are now repeating themselves in a much more worrying pace. Although the estimations seem to be exagerated ( in some places, it is much worse than anticipated when in others, well, it just rains), it is now pretty obvious that we are in trouble. Why are we waking up so late? Because the economical side of it is now astronomical. We are not just talking insurances costs here, but also crops that are devastated ( first they weer overcooked in April, now they are rottening in the fileds), people who are losing their homes, water that can’t be drunk, workers who cannot attend their jobs, police and army forces being immobilized by the emergency calls and the rescue operations. The list is probably much longer and I feel so sorry for all the poor souls who are losing everything in front of an indifferent world who just watches TV thinking that it is only rain. Hey, God got us this way a long time ago, and that did have some long time lasting damage as far as I know. Only kidding, but between the ones here who will not go on holiday and the ones there who simply have no chances of survival, I believe it is time for us to become conscious that the golden era is now over.
We see here supermarkets asking their customers to get their own bags for their groceries. We have advertisement about switching light bulbs to more economical models or switching electricity companies to more ethical ones. We are being told that petrol is a curse and I see more and more people using their bicycle to go to work. We eat organic and we are more and more to do so. We turn off our Tv/ computers/ appliances at night- not because of money savings but because of energy savings. And we of course all watch America in denial, using without any shame more than 30 to 40 % of all our resources and blaming China for expanding too fast and developping new cities and new means every. Let’s show them a correct way of doing things, then maybe we could give them advice. Not the other way round. Who said that we are the masters of the world? Aren’t we telling our kids that they should share all the time? Since when have nations become so self centered and selfish?
I don’t think that the end is near, but I have days when it feels hopeless. Individuals seems to be leading the way in this instance and governments still don’t get the message. People are angry and in the City the predictions on America’s downfall are stronger and stronger. The problems of the subprime remortgage sector is just the tip of an iceberg. The general sentiment is that America has lost the lead. It is insidious, but this primal rejection of the American dream is surging- fast.
I am just a woman with a lovely husband and 5 kids. The only reason I am doing anything and everything I do is because my children are my future. What world am I giving them ?
So the holidays have begun. My youngest child is having nightmares when he thinks of the future wars we will have to have water. The odds are that Engalnd will be in one of them within the next 20 years. The scenarii are all scary whatever the outcome. We of course don’t know what is true. Our ministers are sending out confusing messages. The medias are pouring hot & cold – depending of the degree of indifference shown by the public. I keep recycling otherwise I will be fined. The reality is schizophrenic.
So we take one step at a time.

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