I went to a wedding on Saturday. It was kind of typical; the guests were – some of them- excentric. The parents of the bride and groom sometimes disagreed on little things. The friends of the married couple were having loads of fun. The weather was changing- sunny, then rain started falling down. Although the occasion was supposed to be formal and all the assistance was wearing – I believe- their best clothes, most people were relaxed and happy. I had a great time. I saw some guys whom I hadn’t seen for 6 years. They hadn’t changed a bit. I met girls who were welcoming and lovely. My eyes were watering while I watched my friends tie the knot. I remembered my own ceremony and my husband pronouncing his vows. The speeches were witty and full og innuendos that completely escaped me ( I am not a Star Trek fan).
The meal was very good. The company remained sober until quite late in the evening. There is now a tradition that I find very clever; the guests have to pay for their own booze. It works a treat. People don’t get drunk too quickly. You can still enjoy their presence ( of mind). I personnally enjoy sobriety, as I don’t drink, but also the fact that I may have the possibility to talk to people whose minds are not wandering on a personal and tortuous path that is inaccessible ( unless you’re drunk yourself or on drugs, in which case you may have the illusion to connect with the poor soul). So I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The pleasures of Life are sometimes very simple. Good company, good spirit ( not the one with alcohol) and a bit of food on the side. I’d wish people ‘d get married everyday. A friend suggested we’d all remarry again – at the same time. One huge wedding , all of us renewing our vows and giving a hell of a party. Sounds good to me- I’d be game for it. Maybe we could just give a hell of a party. Summer’s coming.

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