This book is about intuition. Since I read ” The intuitive trader” by Robert Koppel I came to the conclusion that intuition is just a lot of knowledge compiled by your inconscious that sort out the different levels of your past experiences and help you make the right decision within seconds- as long as you let it do it freely. Gladwell book is just giving the proof to my suspicions in this domain. Far from Konrad Lorenz ‘s conclusion about what is learned and what is instinct ( we ‘ll never know because who knows what a foetus can perceive and understand in his mother’s tummy or in its egg), Gladwell compiled different experiences that tried to figure how we use our intuition and when it is appropriate and when it is not. For a trader like me – who likes scalping best and has to make very short time decisoins- I loved the book as it reached my own conclusion; the more you know, the bettre you can figure out what you have to do- BUT : too much information can kill your judgement. I have seen too many people paralyzed when it was time to pull the trigger – whatever trigger it was, end of a marriage, doing a trade, making the first move, running to catch a falling child- because they were too busy reviewing what they thought they had to do ( and to do right)- to come to the conclusion afterwards ( and after the opportunity had passed) : I knew it! This book, basically, makes you aware of the different type of proccess you – and your mind- go through and how to use them at your best. This book is a must for anybody who wants to learn more about themselves and other people’s behaviour. The bibliography is very interesting and I am looking forward to read his first book. Enjoy.
Oh yeah. It is full of little anecdotes that make you look clever at dinner parties. And you may even start laughing while you read them.

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