By now I guess most people know that I am no fan of Sandler but more or less keen to please my husband and children so I watch his movies. My youngest son was keen so I sat down on Friday night and watched it. Oh joy. Where do these writers find their ideas? What carpet are they smoking? Can I have the same? Anyway. The hero is a workaholic who neglects his family in the name of devotion & duty towards them. We all know the kind of guy – the one who is never home but swears that all he’s doing is for the ones he sees and respects the least. It usually ends up in divorce and tears. So it does in this story too- with a difference: thanks to a magical remote control, Sandler can fast forward or revisit moments of his life. As no present is without string ( even ” Groundhog day” was clear about that, and this was a great movie), the morality is safe at the end and you have a happy ending. I wish I could hate the whole concept. And one thing I didn’t get was the fact that the main character didn’t try to simply pause the whole world while he was filling up his duties in order to spend more time with his family. But I suppose that this would be a woman’s dream. Men prefer to run away from problems, or so this is what this movie tells.
Sadly the bottom line was hitting home in my case. In the name of love, I spend hours to try to make a living and when I am not, I clean the house and – at the moment- unpack frantically the numerous boxes that are still in every room. And we moved in almost 3 weeks ago! I feel old and tired, as I used to be able to accomplish such a task in a few days only. Now I don’t see the end of it – but let’s forget this. The truth is that I am doing all this believing that I am getting the place sorted for better times with my loved ones. I am working my butt off to buy them what I imagine they desire- and make sure there is a roof above our heads. I do a lot of things because I trust they are my responsability. And my family is probably sitting on the bench watching me run in every direction like a headless chicken.
So I reluctantly agree that Sandler’s movie has a point – and a huge one. We have forgotten what all this is about- and we are not even questioning our belief anymore. I doubt that a simple movie is going to wake up nations, but it had a very valid point. I do not urge you to see it, but if you are too busy to take the time to have fun with your family, you may want to have a glimpse of what awaits you before it is too late. Enjoy?

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