I watch French movies when I have a huge pile of ironing to do. Why French movies? because most of the time, they are a waste of time although I like to know what seems to make the French people happy – and this film had quite a few good reviews over last summer. I also enjoy Charlotte Gainsbourg presence, as she has un je-ne-sais-quoi that is half vulnerable and half fascinating. And with time her acting improves so it is quite interesting to watch. Alan Chabat – her partner in the movie- is usually witty and funny, but so far , I hadn’t been impress with any of his past performances.
So here you have a very French movie. The story is about a single guy who is coming from a very matriarcal background and who, to try to deliver himself from the painful intrusion of his mother and sisters in his personal affairs, hires a girl to pretend that he’s about to get married in order to be jilted at the altar and become a victim of the evil intentions of his family. Of course things don’t go according to plan and you can guess the end. Mothers, it seems, always do know best. [ I have my own doubts about this one on a personal point of view and would be even more afraid to consider this when we are talking about my own kids, but here you go]. A few lines were striking and really unexpectedly funny and my two hours of ironing went by quite quickly. I still like Charlotte Gainsbourg and Alain Chabat was charming. For French movies amateurs only.

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