Although most of my friends have been giving up the UK market – although one of them has posted a comment on this blog to confirm he hasn’t- I keep my drive and still play it. Ain’t easy but hell, who said it was?
I do reckon though that it might be useful to master new strategies or new markets in order to be able to switch when things start being choppy, so I am learning a few things about the US market. Boy, does this one move…I love it.
What is painful when you trade is that you are fully responsible and sometimes that makes you doubt of your own abilities. Self confidence is important – a definite weakness for me as I am used to please everyone, husband, children, friends, cat, you name it. Actually I am afraid this is called being a woman, but it doesn’t change a thing. The good news is – as the old tales go- women are stubborn. Yes. I have this on my side.
I have come to realize that most men I know like to have indicators and all sorts of gadgety stuff to complete their trades. They want to have their emotions out of the way- something most women are not afraid of. Hey, we are supposed to be emotional. The least we can do is to have a vague knowledge of our to master our emotions.
Trading is no quick way to make money. If you believe this or know someone who has made money in a blink on the markets, then you probably have the same odds on your side then playing the lottery. And the only way for you to make money consistently is to find what type of m istakes you do and then correct them. Most mistakes are actually due to flaws of character that are quite hard to spot when they are your own, but if you keep a journal of your trades, including your state of mind of the day, you may come up pretty quickly with a good idea of what you’re doing wrong. Then it’s up to you to correct them, with the help of a coach or on your own. It is hard to admit that you have problems- and that you’re not perfect. It can be even harder to ask for help. Like the rest of the game, it requires discipline.
I love trading. I dream about trading, I jump out of bed because of trading, and I feel guilty when I don’t trade- whatever the reason is. Right now I am on holiday with my children – and I am trading everyday. They are great – they don’t complain. But I know that I have to take a few days off for them – and thank goodness, we have Easter to force me to step down for a few days. And a friend and his family are going to come and spend a few days with us – and he’s a trader too. How to mix work and pleasure…
I am strating to deal with my demons. It is going okay but each step is slowing me down. In a sense I have to backtest everything I am doing in order to make sure I am tackling the right strategy/ flaw in my personnality/ new learning. But when I look back I am conscious that I’ve come a long way. So I take heart and just go forward.
Losing is not pleasant but if you don’t learn to handle it you start making mistakes and breaking rules without even realizing it. A guy I know complained the other day that he hadn’t made any money the last few weeks. I thought – so what? I’d start to question this if my capital was seriously diminishing but if I do this right, I shouldn’t get to this point.
So I keep learning and working.

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