My lovely husband is forcing me to share his company with hundreds of unknowns. He’s setting up his practice of hypnotherapy and NLP in Ipswich- where we live now. He has been quite successful at it – to the point that I am getting worried he might end up with a fan club. To be honest I admire his skills – and the fact that he was not afraid to treat a patient who had Alzheimer, a thing I had never heard of before in NLP. His patience and compassion are great – and his ability to find solutions to any sort of problems absolutely astonishing. He’s able to cure phobias in about 5 minutes sharp. His ability to help people to quit smoking is so good that I may open soon a second hand cigarettes shop – as his clients are handing him their unused cigarettes ansd their lighters. We have quite a pile now in our living room and I am considering starting to smoke and getting the kids on it in order to diminish it. Only kidding.
Anyone interested can contact him through his website:
Please, do not call in the evening – I would like to have a family life- after 8pm. He is a nice guy but I am a bitch and have a tendency to reclaim my territory.
Oh, yes, I forgot: of course he does it on me, how else could I otherwise say that he’s good? I told you before – I backtest everything.

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