So I decided to give my husband – and also my father-in-law – a hand and started working on our house too.
I was asked to strip. With my father-in-law. Together. And of course nobody would pay me. So here I went, i strated stripping doors and doors frames, first with some chemical – it is long and it sucks- then with sort of a heat gun ( I think the real name is a hot air stripper)- that was much quicker, but after a few hours my hand went numb, and the following days I had to keep doing it until my hands and arms were just swollen and painful day and night. And I could taste lead for several days afterwards.
Once I did some stripping I had to start putting the undercoat on the walls in order to be able to start painting before we actually leave for our Easter holidays. I was horrified to hear that a professional painter would ask us 90£/per hour to do the job so I said we would do it. My husband in the meantime was rebuilding the fireplaces, surveying the plumber, buying the missing tiles and other bits and bobs that rebuilding a house implies. It is fun to see him and his father in the B & Q building. They are like kids in a candy store. to be honest, I am starting to have fantasies about doing my own upholstery in the near future, learning how to sew dresses for my daughters and curtains for the house, and I went as far as looking up for courses on designing and building your own furniture. And it took me 5 weeks to decide what colors I’d use for the walls – and about 52 sample tins. Amazingly my husband never complained. I am glad I don’t have a picture of him in this blog as i am quite certain that am army of women would start stalking him.
The scaffoldings were put up this week – 4 days late on the program and by a bunch of very rude people. The roof guys turned up by the end of the week and we’re expecting to see this finished by the end of April- weather permitting of course.
We won’t be able to finish the jobs before our departure but the house is not habitable right now and with 5 kids, it is impossible to take the risk to stay. I am looking forward to moving in. I really like the house and I am trying to do everything by the book. I even had a Feng Shui consultant to make sure that I was covering every aspect, including spiritual safety! Sad but true. And yes my hubby thinks I am a nutter but he still does it.
So more painting is on the cards next week. The lead should be completely erradicated from the premises by then and the plastering of the walls should be dry. We still have two rooms to plaster though – so i shall not see the result before our return.
I find hard to go away. My life is fractionned at the moment. I am trading when I am at my in-laws, working on the house when I am home, trying to catch up with my daughters and my sons during the weekends and tracing material. I never thought I’d be so busy this year. And I have the feeling that time will fly.
But I am a dreamer – and I just can see us all there…

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